TekSocial.com touts the SpotCayman app as "... your ultimate iPhone guide to Cayman Islands." We have all of the "SpotOn" features you need: SpotCayman has, mapped and listed, OVER 300 restaurants in Cayman, 78 wifi hotspots, hotels, shopping, island attractions, tour operators, dive sites, doctors, churches, car rental agencies, grocery stores, gas, liquor stores and the list goes on. We are full of information for your stay on each of the Cayman Islands of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. SpotCayman maps have 100% street detail for Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, online and offline. We are the ONLY app for the Cayman Islands with this feature that works both online and offline. You can map one spot or map hundreds at the same time. You can view a location and see your location with GPS tracking capability. All maps are available both online and offline and all are zoomable. SpotCayman has "Spots Nearby" where you can see a location and see ALL of the spots (businesses, restaurants, beaches, attractions etc.) that are within walking distance (1km) from that spot. You can also use "SpotShots Nearby" a spot to see real island view photos uploaded by other SpotCayman users within a 1km as well. New to SpotCayman is SpotShots, our coolest and most interactive feature yet! See mapped SpotShots of beautiful island views with pictures submitted by fellow SpotCayman users. Be sure to include your best shots with our simple upload tool and share them with your friends. Use the currency converter to change your USD to CI and vice versa. No more guessing while you are in a store or a restaurant. We have included the ability for you to easily share favourite Spots and SpotShots via Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, iMessage and email that works straight from the app. We have a search tool in our app that works like the most popular search engines on the internet. With thousands of spots in our app, this allows you easy accessibility to all of them. We have an advanced search capability that allows you to search by district, name, phone number, address or even keywords! This is where the power really is in SpotCayman! Search anything from vegetarian, gluten free, budget restaurant, water view restaurant, seafood, webcam, news, breakfast, banks, events, dive sites, gyms, the list is endless and our search engine provides you with all of the results you need. No other app for the Cayman Islands incorporates keywords like SpotCayman. Avoid expensive roaming fees. SpotCayman works online and offline. ALL content (except SpotShots) can be viewed instantly, from anywhere, without an internet connection - even our maps! Telephone a Spot with just a single tap (on iPhone) to make inquiries or reservations. Go to the website of a Spot with just a single tap for more information. Send quick and easy emails to a Spot directly with one tap. Easily save the Spots you are most interested in to your "Favourites" for quick access later. SpotCayman has thousands of spots and is the only app for the Cayman Islands with exclusive technology that allows it to update with new spots and exclusive content daily. We can add a place or make a change in less than 5 minutes, without submitting to the app store. The SpotCayman app is not affiliated with any organizations in Cayman, nor do we provide bias commentary or reviews in the app about any business. We do not have a vested interest in any business in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac or Little Cayman. All businesses are randomly listed, each time, without any favouritism to maximize discoverability.