There is a term in the Cayman Islands and it is called "The Marl Road". It is kind of like the "grapevine" or the "coconut telegraph"! Since we have launched the SpotCayman app, we have heard through The Marl Road a few questions about the app that we want to share with you, in case you have the same questions! Meanwhile, it truly makes our day to hear from our users, so lets start our own Marl Road and email us here at:

How can I download SpotCayman?You can download the SpotCayman App in the iTunes App Store. What are the boxes at the top that say, "WB, SMB, GT, EE, NS, BT"? The maps on the SpotCayman app are all GPS Maps of Grand Cayman. Those boxes signify the districts on Grand Cayman of West Bay, Seven Mile Beach (we know it is not a district but there are a lot of people who seem to think it is!), George Town, East End, North Side and Bodden Town. When you tap on a box and it highlights in orange, that means that you are searching in that district on the Grand Cayman map. You can search one, two or all of the districts at once. I see the Ritz, Marriott and Westin hotels in Grand Cayman, restaurants, all of the neat little shops in George Town, beaches, car rental agencies, attractions and the Kittiwake dive site but where are the condos and villas? We did not include the condos on the app for one very simple reason: we felt it would be like including people's homes in the app! That being said, we do know that people rent out their condos and villas in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and we have created a special category for Condos and Villas in Cayman! If you represent a condo management company or if you have a condo or property that you would like to rent, email us at: and we would be happy to advertise your condo for you as a premium listing on our app. I love Grand Cayman and it seems like I have put a million spots in my Favourites! How do I delete a spot that I have put in my Favourites? It is really easy to delete a spot that you have put in your Favourites. Just swipe left and tap delete. The spot will no longer appear in your Favourites. You can also tap "Delete All" in the upper left hand corner to start fresh. How often do you update SpotCayman? We update SpotCayman as often as necessary. If there is something that needs to be changed or added, we try to do it within one working day. We encourage our users to take the update that pops up when you launch the app, daily, for the most current events and directory information. Do I need WI-FI to use SpotCayman? No, we are very happy to say you can access all of your information in the SpotCayman app without being hooked up to the internet or using 3G. All of the information on the app since your last update is stored in your device. You can be on a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean Sea or in airplane mode and still see everything in the app. Meanwhile, if need to know the free wi-fi hotspots in Grand Cayman, we have those in our app for your convenience. You've made a little mistake on a spot, how should I let you know? Oops! Email us right away! We want to know and we appreciate all of the eagle eyes out there. Do you know anything about me? No! We are not able to access your personal details or know anything about you! You are completely anonymous to us. The only thing we do track, and you are still 100% anonymous, is your search queries because that helps us make the app more useful for you. I heard about "Scroogle", should I worry? No! As a globalization apps Apple Developer, Conch Pearl Media only sees the country in which your Apple Account is registered when you download one of our apps. We are not supplied your town, your name, your email address or any other details about you. I'd like to upload a picture to SpotShots, what kind of information do you receive? The only information we receive is your awesome picture and the GPS co-ordinates. That is it! Again, we do not receive any personal information about you. If you're still uncomfortable and want to share your pictures of Cayman, email them to us and we'll upload them. . We love pictures and are happy to share them with everyone visiting Cayman.