SpotShots is a revolutionary new feature on the SpotCayman app for the Cayman Islands released by Conch Pearl Media Inc. in May 2013. We continually strive to provide the most up-to-date information and best app out there for Cayman. With all hotels, dive sites, attractions, restaurants and shopping, now SpotShots bumps travel apps to a whole new level. Utilizing our "SpotsNearby" feature, where a user can map all spots within a one km radius in the Cayman Islands, users can now see beautiful pictures of spots near that place too! Users of SpotCayman can share their fabulous pictures of the Cayman Islands with other users and their picture gets mapped for other users to experience that spot. SpotShots is like "Island View" for the Cayman Islands. All iDevices come with a Camera App. You can very easily add your photos from the Camera app to SpotShots on the SpotCayman app. But first! Go into "Settings" on your device and look for your Location Services. Make sure that that the Location Services for the Camera App are set to "ON". Friendly reminder: SpotCayman does not track nor receive any of your personal information. When you send a photo to SpotCayman, that photo is encoded with the GPS co-ordinates for the picture so we can put your picture in the exact place you took that picture on a map. We do not get any additional information. If you are now ready to send in your SpotShot, see the camera icon in the upper right hand side? Tap it... You will get a drop down menu that will look something like this one. Tap on "Camera Roll". A new menu that says "Choose Photo to Upload" will appear. Choose the photo you would like to share with other SpotCayman users by tapping on a picture. You might get the pop up that says your photo is not Geo-tagged. If your photo has not been Geo-tagged we cannot use it in SpotShots. For next time, just go into your Location Settings and make sure you have the Location Settings for the Camera app turned "ON". We would still love to see your photo and perhaps use it somewhere else in the app so feel free to send your photos to: When your photo is Geo-tagged, you will get a standard Photo Release pop-up. If you agree to our terms, you can tap "Accept" and the SpotShots upload process will continue. If you tap "Decline", the process will stop and we will not receive your picture. After tapping "Accept", your photo will be uploaded to SpotShots on the SpotCayman App and a pop-up will appear confirming that your picture has been successfully uploaded. You will not see the picture right away! We reserve the right to approve all pictures sent into SpotCayman.