"This app is the most comprehensive one on the islands. They have information on hundreds of restaurants, hotels, shops, attractions, tours, hospitals, doctors, liquor stores, gas stations, grocers, churches, car rental agencies, WIFI hotspots and more....  Best of all, it works offline. Which means no using up allotted data or building up expensive roaming fees in order to get the info."   TekSocial.com "@SpotCayman Looks like a very clean app...! There is only bug I have found...I'm in Canada, not on Grand Cayman. Bummer. Rather be #diving"  Liquid Diving Adventures "I remember first arriving in Grand Cayman, driving on the "wrong" side of the road, living in a hotel, and trying to start our lives all over again - from scratch, it seemed - on an unfamiliar island. If there was one thing I didn't dare leave home without in those early days, it was the Cayman handbook . Not only did it provide us with information about registering our cars, preparing for a hurricane, choosing where to make dinner reservations, and even getting a library card, but it also included just enough maps of the island to help us get around in those crucial early weeks. But if, at the time, had we been able to put most of that info into a pocket-size format via an app on N's iPhone, I think we would have jumped at the chance to leave the bulky handbook behind on our daily outings"   Offshore CPA "You can get up-to-date info on the Cayman Islands with a fab mobile travel app, SpotCayman. It currently has over 1600 spots and is growing weekly with new spots and exclusive content. The App showcases all that Grand Cayman has to offer; great restaurants, beaches, and bars that you would never find without it."  Scubadviser "Just bought your app today for my iPad, and I like it. It's the best Cayman app I've seen so far..." "Wow! What an app for Cayman! The images and graphics accurately display everything you enjoy on the island. So well organized and concise, completely user efficient and user friendly. An absolute asset for planning your holiday to a tee! A must have app for Cayman!" "The App is easy to navigate, fast and I like that it links to websites within a business page, you seem to have covered all areas too" "Hey @SpotCayman This is a great Tourism App SpotCayman is definitely an #AppThatRocks" "Great app! We're on our way to Grand Cayman, so we thought we'd chance your new app, and we're thrilled at how nicely you have placed all of the categories we'll need in one simple to navigate, easy to find app--so thanks! Nicely done! This app has already come in handy, and we haven't even landed..." "Anyone taking a vacation in #Cayman must get the new IOS app SpotCayman, will save you plenty of time and give you all the info you need!" "Works offline and in airplane mode, smooth, amazing search function, easy to use mapping feature. Makes finding anything a snap and shows you exactly where you are on the map. Great app. Can't imagine what my vacation would have been like without it. Discovered some great restaurants, beaches, and bars that I would never have found without this app. A must have." "I downloaded this app because I was cruising to Grand Cayman for the day on Carnival Cruise ship and we did not want to do the excursions the cruise ship offered. It was invaluable and the best app for Grand Cayman out there, they had numbers for taxis and tour operators and all of the beaches were mapped. There was more information than I knew what to do with, all travel apps should be this good."